AES speed camera alert using iOS Location Reminder

“Hey, You just passed a speed trap!”

AES Cameras Location & Speed Limit
AES Cameras Location & Speed Limit

Waze users are warned of speed traps or police presence only about few hundred meters ahead of time. I feel this is far too late for a warning reminder. With a clear line of sight, law enforcement or AES can detect speeders within 1km out.

Let say Waze give speed trap warning 500m away from a speed camera location. Imagine, your car travelling at 130km/h, when warning shows up, you have less than 11 seconds to react & slow down (assuming speed camera take photo of your vehicle at 100m out). This is a big challenge for many drivers!

Waze alert distance is too near!

Most likely by the time you realized Waze warning pops up, you could have already been detected. As a frequent Waze user like me, this is very frustrating, they shouldn’t call it a ‘speed trap ahead’ alert, it should be renamed and called “Hey! You just passed a speed trap!” alert.

Changing Waze’s alert distance

There has been many voices in Waze’s forum requesting for such feature, but so far (at the time of writing this article) feature yet to be materialised. 2qwick4u found a solution for Android & jailbreak iOS users. What about other non-jailbreak iOS users? Any alternative solution to this?

My own AES speed camera location reminder (customizable alert distance)

After few rounds of emergency brakes driving by few AES (Automated Enforcement System) speed cameras along the highway, I came out with an idea. Why not I marked down coordinates of known speed camera locations & set location reminders (with 1km radius) using iOS’s native Reminder app? Yes! Combining with Waze, I got my own *earlier* AES Speed Camera Location Reminder! An alternative way to avoid traffic summons!

Another bonus point is I can totally run this in the background, no extra apps installation needed…and still enjoying Waze navigation experience without much interruption (it will still work without Waze running, as long as your GPS is on).

AES speed camera Location Reminder with customized AES speed camera alert distance
Customized speed camera alert distance

Waze alert distance too near
Waze alert distance too near

Digging up speed camera locations

Having that in mind, I went on some digging to find all active AES locations in Malaysia, here is the outcome:


No.LocationRoute No.MahkamahSpeed LimitCoordinates
1KM375.9 PLUS Expressway – Slim River (North)E0001Slim River110 km/j3.836169, 101.421656
2KM 7, Jalan Maharajalela, Teluk IntanF0058Teluk Intan90 km/j3.974470, 100.988000
3KM91, Jalan Ipoh – ButterworthF0001Taiping60 km/j4.781450, 100.735000
4KM26, Jalan Ipoh – Kuala KangsarF0001Sungai SiputTraffic Lights4.816800, 101.078000
5KM85.5, Jalan Ipoh – Kuala LumpurF0001Tapah90 km/j3.962222, 101.328806
6KM204.6, PLUS Expressway –Taiping (North)E0001Taiping110 km/j4.905135, 100.668056
7Jalan Pasir Putih, IpohA0184IpohTraffic Lights4.581670, 101.082000
8Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala LumpurZ0089Jalan DutaTraffic Lights3.085617, 101.673319
9Jalan Ipoh, Kuala LumpurZ0060Jalan DutaTraffic Lights3.177263, 101.686826
10KM6.6, Jalan Kajang / Puchong (SKVE)B0011Sepang80 km/j2.973360, 101.677880
11KM301.6,PLUS Expressway-Kajang(North)E0001Kajang90 km/j2.975650, 101.742580
12Jalan Lebuh Sentosa, PutrajayaZ0022Putrajaya70 km/j2.945491, 101.683817
13Jalan Persiaran Timur, PutrajayaZ0002Putrajaya80 km/j2.943130, 101.713940
14KM D7.7 Sungai Besi, Kuala LumpurE0002Jalan Duta80 km/j3.050850, 101.705060

*information taken from JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan)

AES coordinate provided by JPJ (e.g: Slim River) may not be accurate (correct coordinate for Slim River should be at 3.836169, 101.421656). My suggestion is do your own location verification check via Google Map‘s street view

How to create Speed Camera Location Reminder

Step 1. Create new Reminder

Type in a name of speed camera location (e.g: “AES Slim River@110km/h”). Click on the information icon next to it (a small blue circle with an “i” inside).


Step 2. Enable “Remind me at location”, then tap on the “Location” section

*Important: Do NOT enable “Remind me on a day”


Step 3. Enter coordinate of speed camera location

After entering coordinate, a new location label will show at the bottom (e.g: Lebuhraya Utara Selatan), tap on it


Step 4. Set alert distance/radius

Select “When I arrive…”

Change alert distance by dragging the circle around the dropped pin (e.g: 1,000meter = 1km)

Tap “Details” in the upper left corner when done


Step 5. Tap “Done” in the upper right corner


You can continue create a few of your frequent ‘visit’ AES speed camera location. Here are mine:

AES Reminders


Important Note

  1. Location reminder will work only if you turn on your iOS “Location Services”
  2. This method is only effective for known fixed location speed camera
  3. Older model of iPhone or iOS version doesn’t support location reminders
  4. Use at your own risk