DIY Portable USB Solder Fume Extractor

Solder Fumes

Fumes released during electronic soldering. Image from Flickr
Fumes released during electronic soldering. Image from Flickr

As a electronic hobbist, I’ve spend too much time breathing in the stuff that emanates from the tips of my soldering irons. The fumes make my eyes feel uncomfortable and dry, is bad for health! I need a solder fume extractor.

After checking the available fume extractors, size, power requirements and pricing, I thought I could do something better myself. I want to build something portable, operates using DC 5 Volts powerbank, good air flow and carbon filtering.

Building Concept

  1. Everyone have a 5V USB powerbank nowdays, is portable & affordable.
  2. 12V PC fan is easily salvageable from old PC.
  3. Small 5V to 12V step up regulator module is very cheap, no need waste time and build it myself.

Bill of Materials

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1 x 12VDC PC Fan
4 x PC Fan Screws
1 x DC-DC Adjustable Step-up Power Converter Module (link)
1 x Carbon Filter (link)
1 x 2pin Jumper Header
1 x Heat Shrink Tube
1 x Wires
1 x 5V Powerbank
1 x Type A USB to Micro USB Cable

Step 1

Cut and guide the heat shrink tubing through the wires

Step 2

Solder positive & negative wire to the pin header and also to the outputs of the Step-up Power Converter Module.

Step 3

Slide the heat shrink tubing towards the end of pin header. Heat it up until the tubing has a good insulation grip on the connection.

Step 4

Cut the carbon filter to fit the size of your fan, then screw it to the four corners of the fan.

Step 5

Apply some silicon glue at the base of the Step-up Power Converter Module. Stick the module at the top of the fan, apply some glue to secure the wires.

Step 6

Plug the pin header into the fan’s positive and negative terminal.

DIY Portable USB Solder Fume Extractor

Step 7

Lastly, connect the powerbank to the Step-up Power Converter Module and adjust the variable resistor until output voltage is 12 Volts. Done!

In Action